Saturday, September 20, 2008

1 down and 1 to go

i raced the first of two cyclocross races today in Hood river. I am racing master 35+ this year so I do not have the excuse that some twenty something kid with no job and family beat me. got there an hour early and pre-rode the course which had a lot of wide singltrack dirt back in the woods. good thing I pre-rode it because some line were better than others for corners and soft sand and the run up section. I also increased my PSI ion my tires due to the firmness of the whole course. right bnefore the race started I saw my great cheering section Dan and Val and from Canada the big H. those guys rocka nd went all over the course to cheer me on. that always keeps you motivated. I found I got a nice mid pack position and kept it for the most part. the course had some ups that Ilost a few places on and then i would get them back in the down section riding the cyclocross more like a mountain bike...the skills paid off. I ended mid pack I think maybre a little below the mid line but felt good. felrt better than the last two races so we are headed in the right direction. I have another race on Sunday at the same location and then off to Kalamath falls next weeked with Utrek foranother cross race series.

on a side not I decided to do the BIG FAT TOUR with Steve and Roger in my neck of the woods next month.

Here is the rides:

from the website:

Friday, October 17 is the Sacred Ochoco Loop. One hour East of Bend, past Prineville into the Ochoco National Forest this ride takes us through Old growth Ponderosa, Fir and Spruce, alpine meadows and rocky outcroppings. The route crosses over two summits - Round Mountain and Lookout Mountain, the latter being entirely within a Roadless Area. The route is 90% singletrack and the conditions can vary greatly according to the weather. Come prepared for anything, especially to have your mind blown! Saturday, October 18 is the Classic Mt. Bachelor to Town with Epic riders completing the circuit around Mt. Bachelor. Check back later to find out the final route - some things we like to keep as a surprise. All rides are shuttled from town, but don't let that lull you into believing the ride is easy. Epic riders will tackle almost 80 miles, Recreational riders will face almost 50. It's the jewel in the crown of single track riding in Bend. Sunday, October 19 is the Cache Mountain Finale. This classic figure-eight loop climbs about 2000' in elevation and descends forever. This year we are contemplating a modification to this route, so please check back here when the time draws near. BBFT Veterans will tell you this is their favorite day, it's like the hangover cure and the social ride, all while surrounded in stunning Fall colors. Epic ride finishers will be awarded the highly coveted "No Whiners" Patch of Honor after this ride ends. Hope to see you there!

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