Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Picture of Lance an I running since I am growing the facial hair for cyclocross season

Well I woke up to the news that Lance Armstrong is coming back to professional cycling!!! How sweet is that. I had the pleasure of watching him back before he was someone. He has raced and won the local Bend Oregon cycling classic. I raised my daughter watching the tour with me every year at 6 am since she is an early riser as well and she hates it when i fast forward through the flat stages on the tour.

Yesterday swam about 1500 meters with the underwater ipod.....oh what a difference that makes.

This morning did a reverse brick of trail running and transitioned to my bike for commute to work, about an hour workout all together.

rest now until Thrill cyclocross race Thursday night where I plan on getting my arse kicked yet again.....hopefully the girls do not pass me this time :)


Kona Shelley said...

Gulp!!! Can you say HAWT!!

Jamie said...

Is there facial hair etiquette for cyclocross?

I'm rocking a very modest Justin Timberlake style beard right now, but do you recommend any modifications?

Chops and fumanchu maybe? Big burly mountain man style? Goatee?

Oh, and I'm heading to the LBS to search for some knobby tires and will be taking off my bottle cages tonight. Woohoo!

Drew Holmes said...

yeah go big, think unkempt and Elvis

Sully said...

yes... keep posting more photos like these and i'll become one of your most loyal RSS subscribers. :)
chops looking good.