Thursday, September 04, 2008

arse was kicked!!!!!

ahhh the thrilla near the milla!!!!!! what an ass kicking. it was 45 minutes and 2 laps......but felt like a half ironman. I had not been working on the short intense workouts thats for sure. hit the wall half way through the race and recovered ok and finished but man oh man was I a hurting unit. fun race though and I was proud of my dismount skills and my ability to stay upright the whole race in the sand pit of despair. I stayed with Rob for about 2 laps and then adios. he lapped me at the end. the best part was Steph won the womens race so we are all stoked about that. Thanks to Bruce for the shouts and pics!!!!
next race in 1 week and a cyclocross race every week for the next 8 weeks....I will get better by pure force.......but so will everyone else...DAMN!


jameson said...

that sounds like a killer time! I gotta get into some cyclocross... if only for the post race beers!

TRI-ROB said...

GREAT photos bro! And as far as you kickin my arse at CdA? In beer drinkin? You're in luck dude... I don't touch the stuff! LOL... don't sell yourself short on the actual race either... you've been doing some SERIOUS biking this entire summer... you're going to be a force to recon with!