Friday, September 12, 2008

cyclocross race 2 of the season

I felt like I got ground up and spit out. i go to the venue about 1 hour early to warm up. the nice thing about these races is I can ride from home and then back after the race so thats a big plus. I was warming up and really felt somewhat sick. I almost bailed on the race. I just had no energy and felt somewhat queasy....later realized I did not eat much all day as I was busy but not sure. I thought back to my DNF days and figured I did not want to add a DNS so I lined up at the start. I thought that last time I went out too fast and blew up so this race decided to keep it even steven and the whole race actually went better that I thought. not great but as the short anaerobic fitness comes in to the mix this strategy seems to be the way to go. it was super dusty at this race. I think I much prefer the mud and cold weather. the hot duist really aggravates the old lungs. they took out one barrier this course for a short steep climb which I cleaned all the times other than one when I got caught in a mix at the bottom and lost my chain. A good cheering section again which is always appreciated. it is the pain that after wards I look back and am glad I did. The next series is next weekend in Hood River so that will be fun hanging with fordman.

Next week Bruce and I will train in Portland during a work trip. always good to focus elsewhere and Bruce always pushes me so should be a fun mix of training and work....( well that part is not fun)

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