Saturday, May 31, 2008

commute at night

I went to a party last night and then to a hole in the wall punk rock venue that I knew I would have a few beers with the utrekker BBQ and then a few more at the venue so rode the bike. So I was trying to figure out what I wanted to ride that would be simple and also I would not worry about being locked up at midnight to some pole so I took my Fixed gear and flipped over the flip flop hub to single speed. I knew at midnight I would not want to ride UPHILL to my house with a few beers in me and being tired, worked out great. Sean rocked from Hands on throat which is who i went to see and Sean plays drums...they rocked the place until 1 am, was great. so when I rolled in at 1:30 i rolled the bike right in the front door and parked it garage last night!!!


moonpie said...

Good times this you?

Drew Holmes said...

Yep Moonpie , that was me rocking out a while back up on the rail.,