Sunday, May 18, 2008

race results

It's a relay race, with six legs that include alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoe/kayaking and sprinting to the finish! You can do it all yourself or be part of team (or pair). We invite you to take part in the festivities and enjoy Central Oregon.
  1. The Alpine Leg starts at the top of Mt. Bachelor's Pine Marten chair lift with a mad dash uphill to put on your skis. The skier wearing his/her helmet (helmet required) will pass through the SG gates to the exchange point by West Village Lodge.

  2. In the Cross Country Leg you can use the skate or classic techniques to ski around the parking lot and onto the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center's groomed trail system for 8 km. The change to cycling takes place in front of the Nordic Lodge parking area.

  3. The Bike Leg is a beautiful ride into Bend along scenic Century Drive for 22 miles - the majority being a descent, except the one uphill stretch after the Sunriver junction. The biker then proceeds to Colorado Avenue for the next exchange point. Helmets are required and drafting is not allowed.

  4. The Run Leg leaves the exchange point and heads towards the scenic running trail along the Deschutes River. After completing the 10k course the runner passes the lanyard to the canoe/kayak participant.

  5. The Canoe/Kayak Leg paddles upstream from put-in point for 1/2 mile on the Deschutes River to Healy Bridge then back downstream for 3/4 mile, then back upstream for 1/4 mile to the sprint exchange. Any float-worthy craft that does not have oarlocks is legal. Dress appropriate, the Deschutes River can be cold in the spring. Floatation devices are required.

  6. The final Sprint Leg is along the grassy banks of the river to the Finish Arena from the Canoe/Kayak take-out, is approximately 1/3 mile in length. Cheer everyone on for the final leg!

WOW I hit that hornet juice 3 minutes before and pow the mouth numbness starts again....that stuff is strong. All ready to go Jeff and I head up early get the bike in transition after a safety check. all is well, take the lift up and it is going to be a warm day. Now since I am a purist I telemark the downhill ski section which does not save me time or cost me time but a few seconds at the top due to slow get the ski on time ( you have to run up 200 feet and then put your skis on at the starting gun). I make it through the gates passing many skiers and watch some fantastic uneeded wipeouts. then as I come around the corner for the final turn in front of the crowd......a few low and sweet telemark turns of course.

hand off to Jeff who does the XC ski and I wander over to the bike ready to go. They yell out the numbers of the XC skier coming up the hill so the biker can be ready...I thought I heard our number so I grab the bike. WHAT!!?!!! I have a flat tire in the rear! crap and for a moment I think that Bruce or Marsha have flatted my tire as a dirty trick....but then I realize that's not what happened which is worse because I think maybe glass in the tire or something??? I run out of the transition area and startchanging my rear tire while waiting for Jeff any second. what a frenzy!!!!! I have to somewhat change it twice as I could not get the tube in well. Here comes Jeff with not a second to spare and I am off.

Now not more that 100 yards and I can feel this kachink kachink and and I think the tire is not seated properly still and I am freaked. this is a down hill course where I can get upwards of 50 mph on the TT bike and I just know the tire will roll off and I will spit into the woods never to be heard from again.

I am hauling down the mountain and get to the flats and start eating up other bikes like pacman dots since the TT bike is faster than those with regular road bikes etc in the wind. I slow down through the final two turns as I know they are bike crash zones from years past and roll into the transition after a fast 22 miles......I roll in and the volunteer tells me to dismount and then BOOM!!!! the rear tire blows up! I kid you not, it lasted until the last 2 inches I needed and then it was to love that!

Linda throws me my shoes and I transition triathlon style right into the run. I feel great and head off with a cold bike bottle of water....then the heat comes....the mind numbing 85 degree heat that we have not had until this event and the change is killing me. This had to be one of my worst 10k runs ever. UGGGGH I even walked a few very small hills to try and get my composure and legs back. after about 45 minutes or so i finish and hand off to Jeff who has the boat portion..I was done and then remembered I had to help get the boat into the water which was a chore as it is a fast but large sea kayak and I was spent. Jeff does awesome in the boat and then has a 1/4 mile sprint to the end......times:

Dj Super Circus High Wire Act ( Drew and Jeff) 2:32:28

Ford, Marsha 2:31:04

Willrace Performance 1:48:12

so we beat Willrace ( and Bruce :) ) as they spotted us an hour and Marsha handed us a slap as we spotted her 33 Bruce owes me a beer and I owe Marsha a dinner.

good times had by all and now time to go change tires on the TT bike as she deserves some love since she got me to the finish........barely!


TRI-ROB said...

Great RR bro! That is a FUN race! Sorry the 10K didn't go as planned... but good on ya for hangin in there and finishing strong...

Bruce said...

Drew- You must publish this comment on your next blog and quote it from me. I can't believe you left this part out....

Picture this: 1 piece tri-suit draped over a pasty white body (think- color of an egg shell)...But wait, stop, it's not the pasty white that catch's your's what's on Drew's wrist. Check this- The dude is wearing a Gucci Leather Band watch (not digital). My reaction to Drew's "winter" color and Gucci Watch starts to draw a crowd of on-lookers and the verbal sparring commenced. As many of you probably have figured out thru the many blogs, Drew has a way with words. But, I gotta tell yah, the dude's attire was easy pickins'. True Story: The next day I was riding my MTB and came across a group of women running. I stopped off to the side of the trail and one of the women recognized me as the "other side" of the verbal sparring match that took place up at the PPP bike transition. She proceeded to tell me how that episode was all she was talking about at the end of her race: "This pasty dude in a one- piece Tri Suit with a Gucci watch that was in a verbal jousting match justifying what he was wearing with some other dude".
Forget that I owe Drew a beer for a valient finishing time...The beer is on me for the "nads" it must have taken to wear that outfit. With a little probing from his fellow blog readers, maybe we could get Drew to put on the outfit. I will photo him and you can take a looksee at what the commotion was about on PPP day.
Signed: Bruce (Drew's racer bro')