Thursday, May 22, 2008

comment from Bruce

In the spirit of not hiding the truth:

"Drew- You must publish this comment on your next blog and quote it from me. I can't believe you left this part out....

Picture This: 1 piece tri-suit draped over a pasty white body (think- color of an egg shell)...But wait, stop, it's not the pasty white that catch's your's what's on Drew's wrist. Check this- The dude is wearing a Gucci Leather Band watch (not digital). My reaction to Drew's "winter" color and Gucci Watch starts to draw a crowd of on-lookers and the verbal sparring commenced. As many of you probably have figured out thru the many blogs, Drew has a way with words. But, I gotta tell yah, the dude's attire was easy pickins'. True Story: The next day I was riding my MTB and came across a group of women running. I stopped off to the side of the trail and one of the women recognized me as the "other side" of the verbal sparring match that took place up at the PPP bike transition. She proceeded to tell me how that episode was all she was talking about at the end of her race: "This pasty dude in a one- piece Tri Suit with a Gucci watch that was in a verbal jousting match justifying what he was wearing with some other dude".
Forget that I owe Drew a beer for a valient finishing time...The beer is on me for the "nads" it must have taken to wear that outfit. With a little probing from his fellow blog readers, maybe we could get Drew to put on the outfit. I will photo him and you can take a looksee at what the commotion was about on PPP day.
Signed: Bruce (Drew's racer bro')"

note: its the same suit in my pic to the right......he is just jealous,,,,,,he was wearing a one piece at the same time but it was covered up by shorts and a sweatshirt......flaunt that creamy white i say...bring it on BRUCEY!!!


akbreezo said...

I've heard that pasty white is the new black this year. Wear it with pride! Sun is bad for you anyway.

TRI-ROB said...

I can't believe that you'd be so yesterday as to wear something Gucci! You need help my friend.