Sunday, May 04, 2008

Project SURLY

So I finished my project today with Jennelle's help holding tools and taking pics, I do recall the years of yesterday handing tools to my dad or holding the work light for him......ahhh, full circle.

So i took $13.50 ( thats what the bike is named since that is how much I paid for it with parts as a previous project. and made it into the 29/26 project. got the idea from dirt rag article HERE.

Rob is getting a full suspension 29 that should be sweet, Chris has one already that was made by Vulture , Lugsby got a 29 single speed, for sure the way of the future or at least nice to have another odd bike.

So after 4 weeks of waiting finally got the fork, not the lightest but the cheapest.

note the older 26 inch fork an dthe new in package surly 29 fork, its set up for V brakes or disc brakes. the 29 wheel is an older cyclocross wheel....already had it so FREE

Black! I was thinking of painting the frame black too but that ended up being more trouble than it was worth so black and teal it shall be,

taking off the old fork ...remeber when you do this onmce everything is loose it will fall to the ground...fortunately I learned this years ago working in a bike shop on someone elses bike. :)

took off the brakes

took the race off carefully with a screwdriver....

trying to figure out how to get it on the fork without damaging it.....used this website alot

searching for a tool that will do the job.......

decided it was not worth the risk and went to a LBS and had them use the PARK tool
this is a 20 second deal and they charged me nothing as they should have.

I would have gone to my team shop but not worth another 10 minute drive for a 20 second fix.

came home and realized the fork was too long so I measured it off the old one and then realized I better just put it on the bike and measure it which was smart but then after i cut it forgot the headset needs to have another 1/4 inch to set in the top cap so had to cut another 1/4 inch.."measure once cut twice"....thats me

I took off about this much...well exactly this much

all reassembled and a little Surly bling!!!!!!! how ya like the flask holder? I was going to have the shop do it but decided I would do it and I would say I learned alot during the project. good bike to practice on as not my expensive bike or anything so fun. getting the star nut out was a pain and their is a screwdriver stuck inside the other fork that I used to force it out. I should have bought a new star nut. I think all bike shops when they hand you a new fork should ask you if you need a star nut.

I will go test ride this baby this afternoon and then race it next Sunday at the chainbreaker

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