Wednesday, May 21, 2008

moto ride

So i took a mid day mental break from the corporate world and I keep thinking i need a rack fro my bike on the moto.....NOPE...just a spider web and a strap and I was good to go!!! so SWEEEEEET! I was able to ride to a ride point and back on the moto with the bike no problem. bike shoes and helmet fit in the saddle bags. I think the fact that I was able to moto to the ride made it even better. I rode Storm King up to the helipad and back and had a super sweet ride. listened to Brett on the ipod and that is always enjoyable as his style is unrehearsed and feels like chatting with a buddy on the ride.

The weather was spring cool with sunshine,,,does not get much better than that!

Tonight I am taking Jennelle camping near the house ( about 6 miles away) in the national forest at our new secret camping site for "wacky Wednesdays" camping through the rest of the year until it snows idea I had that would break up my week and also give me some good "Daddy time" with Jennelle. A ton of my good memories growing up were camping so I want to share that with her. I don't got no city girl!!!!!

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