Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of times, the worst of times

SO the race I had on Sunday was the worst. I raced Single Speed and I use "raced" loosely as I was tired. I decided I would get in a hard effort and see how the cards fell. Well they fell after about mile 2. I was DFL. I kept on strong as I could as the field pulled away from me. Once we got into the technical part of the COD trail I was bombarded with the sport wave coming up from behind so I pulled over and let about 25 people pass me......ok now I am in regroup mode and decide this will still be hard effort workout and own the DFL. I had a race at Big K ranch about 5 years ago that I quit halfway though and i have a great pic of myself quitting. one thing i found out is that I am not a quitter so i hang that pic in my hop to remind me how i regret that race. so I was having a good time on the course here and the weather was superb. I catch up to this sport racer and start pacing him at about mile 12 and then "BOOM" his rear goes flat after hitting a rock. I ask him if he is good to go and h a tube or tools. I pull over and give him a tube and actually realize I do not think this dude knows how to change a tire. I change the tire for him and he is really thankful. I take off with 1 Karma point in my bike bag. then not 15 minutes later "Boom" my rear goes flat after I hit a sharp rock. As I am riding a 69 bike the other tube I have is for a 29 inch wheel so no good to me. i take a short cut back off the course riding the rim.


but I still had a good time and I was racing for last in my division so no harm no foul,

This morning much better. I went out early and did a quick 16 mile ride on the road bike to work taking a longer route. I had left all my work needs at work yesterday so did not have to haul anything. great sun coming up and I was dressed just right. good morning spin.

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