Saturday, June 14, 2008

tragedy with the river transport

I got one block towards the river this morning and the wheel axle snapped on the wheel! good thing I was not hauling down the hill. So I will need to see if I can find someone ( I have some ideas) that can build a new wheel setup for this. now that I have had the boat on there I would also place them back a bit for better center of gravity. I ended up taking the boat down in a car and paddling for awhile anyway which was really nice and practicing some rolls in the river.....water feels good. I think this summer I will get a refresher course. I have paddled some class III pretty confidently and a very small amount of class IV where I knew the way around but its been a few years so I need to brush back up.


kt said...

Bummer Drew,

Sounds like you had a nice morning anyway. Way to be flexible.

stinkydad said...

I've got the connection for you. Local cyclist Mike Olson is the machinist that set up my KLR you pictured back in an April posting.
Email me for his contact info.

Drew Holmes said...

Stinkydad love to email you but need the email