Sunday, June 08, 2008

Zen and the art of Mountain bike

I must say I feel better inside and out when I am riding my mountain bike for hours at a time. So Saturday did trail work with COTA helping change some of the C.O.D. trail, then later I went out for a pretty good ride (only pretty good as I was feeling kind of weak for awhile for some reason??? needed rest? dehydrated???) with Steph.

We went COD up to Storm King trying the new section we both worked on Sat morning, pretty sweet section. down lower storm King to the River Trail.........We realized maybe not a great idea as it was Sat and the River Trail is a popular area....We saw 11 hikers. 5 fishers, and 7 other cyclists in the last 3 miles......the prior 18 miles or so we saw 2 cyclists so have to be smart to pick your trails.

Sunday I did the moto/ bike combo pack and slapped my mountain bike on the back of the KLR .

I rode over to Sisters about 20 miles away and parked downtown at a public park and rode over to the start of Peterson ridge trail. I rode up about 10 miles and then back down 10 miles for a solid 20 miles out and back, pretty easy terrain which was good for listening to the ipod tunes on Shuffle. I must say I hit some of the best single track up high while jamming to Mozart ( right between Foo Fighters and Billy Idol). On one of the water crossings i got over about 70% across and then almost dumped it into the rover but was able to bunny hop onto the bank. Came across the one other biker all day there. He looked at me and I said I had just dumped it and was laughing about it but he just said "oh" and rode off without conversation,,,,,,thanks dude. I noted he had a super sweet red Chris King wheelset....thanks for being friendly.......not.

I think I will swim on Monday. them maybe some long rides Tuesday and Wed? we shall see....but sticking to the zen mantra by Brett.

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