Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 update

Knee feels a little better everyday though hard to go up and down stairs. I will hit the physical therapist this Friday and work to getting some skiing in before the season is over since we have mucho snow here.

My good Bud Bruce and also Dave got all American for xterra this year along with Jdub so pretty psyched for those guys:

My plans as of now for 2008 is to get into basic shape the first half of the year and play more guitar and camp with the family...about mid year I will ramp up, likely with Kyle Will training again and start the season with the 2008 cross crusade cyclocross series. I think to be smart I need to scalke back to be successful at 2009 Idaho.

I will still do most of the local races here for mountain bike and some running but will use as social training events not really races


TRI-ROB said...

Seems to me that that is a really solid plan Drew. You still get to compete and stay active and its a great opportunity to set yourself up for a great PR in Idaho!

Lookin forward to doing some KMA with ya!


moonpie said...

Hang in there brother Drew! Sounds like you're taking the right approach!