Friday, January 18, 2008

super carbo load

WOW did I ever carbo load? this new beer made here in town is the bomb and it better be at $120 a case!!!!!!

I got 4 bottles and drank one tonight: YYYYYUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!


This exceptionally popular imperial stout, aged in French oak, pinot noir, and bourbon barrels since March, has immense depth with its rich and complex flavors. True to its name, subtle notes of coffee, chocolate, molasses and licorice pull you in deeper and deeper. Cherry bark and vanilla bean added during the dry-hopping process are the proverbial “cherry on top”!

Early December was originally publicized as the release date for the 2007 version of The Abyss. Perfection cannot be rushed though. Emails from excited fans continue to flood the Brewery asking, “When is it coming and where can I get it?”

The Abyss has developed somewhat of a cult following with reports from some bottle shops where six or seven cases have already been reserved through single bottle orders.

In addition to being a beer aficionado’s favorite, The Abyss has been showered with industry and consumer awards: the “Best Stout in the World” by Men’s Journal’s October 2007 issue, Top 10 on’s World’s Best rankings, “Gold Medal Imperial Stout” at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival, and “Best Beer Above 7%, International Champion Beer & Supreme Champion” at the 2007 International Beer Challenge.

“The Abyss was one of those beers I didn’t want to end,” said beer writer and Men’s Journal contributor Christian DeBenedetti. “I was totally blown away - this is precious stuff.”


TRI-ROB said...

One sip too many and YOU'LL fall into the abyss...

moonpie said...!