Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I guess i like to try things that are hard. i get satisfaction out of the accomplishment. growing up asthma boy i must say i get something different out of all these athletic accomplishments. I took Japanese in college because people said it was too hard. I started whitewater kayaking a few years back beacuse it scared me. you get the idea. right now I have to admit the guitar is really getting me excited...because i am good at it? no because it is hard. simple things i see teens doing on you tube with their guitar are taking me time to figure out. i got a guitar from a friend that is from the mid eighties that would have been the guitar I would have bought back in my big hair metal days. It was also the original brand that Van Halen used for his crazy striped guitar that most would recognize. Old school red Kramer! ( mine is the red one in the middle of the pics there)I will try and figure out how to embed a vid on this blog ( I know it can be done as my bro did it on his) but too early in the morning to do that.

I am going to go play a few pentatonic scales and then I am off to my 7 am Physical therapy appt for my knee. I got some great tips from KT as she does PT back in NB.......OK?

have a killer day and my plan is to try and go swim next week and maybe even get back on my bike ( studded tires and all as we have a ton of snow here.)

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kt said...

Sweet guitar and can I just say how jealous I am of the snow! My brand new xc skis are sitting in the bag just dying to get out and go but nothing more than a dusting since just before Christmas. Boo