Monday, January 28, 2008

let it snow

The knee gets better and better and I actually got to run a bit the last 2 weeks. I was on a semi Physical therapy type running 4 minutes, walk 4 minutes and build up to run 10 minutes and walk 2 minutes. so I have been off doing about 40 minutes of running. also the knee flexibility is up to about normal so I have hit the rower a few times. I am working on getting my 2000 meter times better as a goal. this is a brutal distance that they use for contests because it is short enough tthat you want to go faster but long enough that if you do not pace yourself you are toast. Having only been on the rower a few times i did it in 9:34 as my winter starting place. according to average Time: 8:11.8. So i am not brutally off the average but I need to work my way down.

current podcasts listening to:

jaimies podcasts
the age grouper
tacoboy and bigun

So off to the surgeon today to have my final appt regarding my knee and since I am running and jumping and doing everything except skiing I think that should work pretty well and no bog deal.

This Friday seeing my buddy Sean in his punk band : link to his site here: Hands on throat

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