Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well i went in and a short wait for the surgical team to get me in about 1:30....and I was getting picked up by 5 pm to head home...moder science i tell, drive through suregery.

I had an anesthesilogist ( "Ed") who had done his residency in San Dieago and had done a few shorter sprint triathlons so that was good. My doc is an official surgeon for the Us Ski and snowboard team so I think I was in good hands.........( side note the nurse did not look like below).

I triued to see how long I could stay awake when they gave me the meds in the operating room so I started counting....1.....2.....3....4.......................thats all I remember.

I woke up and I was quite woozy and out of it and felt druggy and as best i can remeber i started telling the nurse how hot all the nurses look here. As i sobered up i realized what i had been saying...oooooops.

My pain level was about a 2 on a 1-10 and i was ok with it but she said lets get you to a zero and gave me some more dope.

headed home, knee is in an ace banadage with stitches underneatch I am told ( will look in a few days an all went well. I am actually walking on it with the aid of a ski pole.

that night had a few pain pilsl and a martini.....ooooops again.

feeling pretty good actually. got up at about 5 am this morning after a solid nights sleep and took a few pain pills again even though did not really have any pain but will driving to Portland today so want to be ok for the drive ( as a passenger).

i will have to scan in my arhtroscopy pics when I get back into the office.

Thanks doc and thanks friends for the thoughts and words....Happy holidays!!!!


Shelley said...

All of that ordeal and you were still able to shpeeel okay..LOL. Glad it went well!

TRI-ROB said...

Glad to hear that you're well on your way to recovery. Lookin forward to hangin out soon!

Al said...

Heal up and come back stronger.

Shelley said...

Happy New years to you!