Monday, November 10, 2008

super tired mudfest fun had by all

I must say this was cyclocross in all its muddy glory. It started out in Salem on Saturday at a defunct golf course where we rode down fairways and over tee boxes and through sandtraps. The only issue i had was a water crossing that before the race started was only about 8 inches deep, after a few races it got well over my knees. i failed to realze this and on lap one i saw all these ninnys running through it and I had to try and ride it............well that did not work out as my front tire is not a 4 wheel drive moto tire and it sank in like a Russian submarine looking for Alec Baldwin in the open sea. over the handle bars i went face first into the drink. the only consolation was seeing the photographer there after so i hope to get a great pic out of it. the rest of the race was trying to catch back up to the group and that just made me.........what the word i am looking for????? oh yeah "tired".

next day after a few beers i felt better and prepared for race day 2 at the PIR cyclocross spectacle. at least 1000 people there and again muddy fun had by all. i thought i got 54th out of 161 but after checking relists later appears I was downgraded to 63rd, but at least i beat like 100 people. the race was fun with muddy sections that you had to devate the run vs. ride??? and a great little uphill barrier section with a mini golf barrier set up to run through...i was toast but picked a guy to chase down the last lap and i killed myself going for it and caught him in the last 20 meters.....sucker!!!!!!!! i got you. i was racing that's for sure. now a day off and a swim and then back fro KMA #2. next week the Cross crusade finals.

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