Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kyle ramping it up

So I got to kyles about 25 minutes early and ran on the treadmill. I actually brought my heart rate monitor this time since I had new batteries in it for the first time in 6 months. Got the HR up to about 140 and kept it there for 20 minutes ( Lactate threshold for me is about 175 BTW) and my workout mates got there and we started with Kyle asking if we have done "superlegs"? I cannot recall I said as I rarely recall what we did after the workout since I am in a haze. so here is my best memory of the workout

20 minute warmup

superlegs x3 sets

consists of:

20 squats

20 step ups ( I used the blue box Bruce) on each leg ( total 40)

20 jump ups

20 lunges on each leg ( total 40)

then repeat all that 3 times

jump from cone to cone sideways touching little cone ( ski exercises)

sit up on bosu with barbell press

Stand on wobble board against wall doing overhead raised with weighted bar

bosu ball with alternating KB swings

walk on hand back and forth with resistance band between them

then we hit the bike for an easy spin 1 minute

did 4 intervals at 30 seconds race pace with hard Resistance and 30 seconds easy

on the ground mat thing I did not really get

push ups sideways on a box walking between each one

rows with resistance cable

push ups on bosu that were little hops off hands instead of full push up...very hard

1 min of bicycle abs

1 min of normal abs

1 min of upper abs

1 min side planks

1 min normal plank face down

20 super man

Heart rate was at about 175 for most of the workout after the warmup

I guess that was about it, was a solid 1 hour and 20 minutes.......I need to bring some Gu gel or something, I was hammered and when I got home hit the couch. no energy.

I think today will be easy lap swim working on form for 1000 meters.

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TRI-ROB said...

Hey bro! Gettin STRONG for CDA!