Wednesday, November 26, 2008

priorities know with the economics down etc we have cut back a bit just to be safe. I still have a good job so no complaints from me. I reduced our cable TV down to the basics....Christmas will be family and fun not things.....i am reading all of the books i have stacked up. throwing away stuff we do not need...the key is we really have more money than 90% of the world.....What does this have to do with triathlon lifestyle??? running and swimming and biking casts minimal every month and if you run out of stuff to do go to this website which has great free workouts every day and most use minimal equipment......

Now if you are reading this at home do this workout which uses NO equipment

If at work do it when you get home......c'mon you know you can and do it during the holidays

5 rounds:

run 400 meters ( or down the block and back etc)
20 pushups
20 burpees (see this if don't know)
20 situps

after that take a few days off and drink beer and eat turkey....I plan on doing that as well as some mountain biking since we are lacking snow for skiing

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