Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where is Waldo?

I like this pic from the Central Oregon Crossfit competition as it shows all these beefy dudes competing and then there is me in the background thinking..." How did i end up in a race with these guys????" of course as you read below I did just fine and Kyle trained me well. The crossfit way has many merits and Kyle actually does a lot of the same things and had years before there was crossfit but there is a nice balance of endurance work which is what I need for my particular sport. so see if you can find me in the pic thinking....." this may be harder than I thought..."

I must say it was a nice group and everyone encouraged each other...good folks


Anonymous said...

OOH. In front of the blue tent behind the guy with the blue bandanna on his arm.

So. What do I win?

Drew Holmes said...

good job! I should send you a hornet juice packet if Brett ever gets generous and hooks a brother up.

MichaelT said...

Drew - That was a fun competition / workout. I went from mainly cycling a few thousand miles per year to doing Crossfit. I love it! Well, most of it. I still HATE Burpees.......

It was nice to meet you.

Michael Thille