Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I got my ass kicked by a girl and I liked it

Stacey showed up for my final training session before ironman and she kicked my ass! She mixed in some heavy weights to failure that ended after an hour with heavy squats. When I was done I was a little light headed and spent. She asks me " are you seeing stars?" and I that's odd how does she know I am seeing stars?....cuz I was. She suggested I take a seat and drink some sugar in some Gatorade.......I almost passed out. It was the best workout of the week!!!!!!

I tell you after spending 30 minutes doing cardio and plyometrics and then ending with a super heavy no rest weight routine I was done in such a good way.

The rest day is Thursday and then Friday: swim and mile repeats, Sat super easy run and Sunday super easy bike, then T minus 7 days.

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