Friday, June 19, 2009

on site!!!

found an internet coffee shop to update the blog. What a great locaton here in Idaho. yesterday was super perfect and today...RAIN!!! looks like a 70% chance of rain. the temp is ok so just have to stay dry. good thing I train in wet weather. I wil have to slow the bike down for safety in places after driving the bike course today. pretty flat but the back 9 has a few hills and rollers that look slickery. So new goal ( old goal was to beat Canada by an hour) is to finish in one piece with a smile.

We went to the kids race last night and Jennelle did great! she was upset that she did not get to do the 1 mile course with the 8-12 year olds and got stuck doing the half mile course with the 7 and unders but she managed to control the anger :)

Cara and Frank and I all went for a 15-20 minute swim on the course and then a 20 minute run all at easy just rest until start time on Sunday at 7 am. not much else to say other than I hope the temp stays right where it is but the rain goes away but the forecast is not pretty....adapt and adapt some more.

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