Monday, June 22, 2009


Before and after in the bike corral

I will do a full story upon my return home but here is the short one!

Swells in the water during the swim reminded me that I do not want to be shipwrecked. The bike was hilly and fast and the run was done in rainy and windy conditions that were brutal. Even though this race felt twice as hard as Canada in 2007 I finished within 30 minutes of that time at 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Thanks for all the support from online, phone calls, locals and friends and family. It was a team effort.

also congrats to Frank and Cara who also got it done!!!!


Steven said...

Excellent job, Drew.
I heard it got quite cold on the run so nice job hanging tough!

Kona Shelley said...

Huge congrats to you..don't ya love it!!

Susanna said...

Drew, congrats on finishing a really tough day!!! I had a stomach virus, and couldn't even keep in water. I dropped out after the bike. Good job and maybe sometime we can train together instead of just seeing each other at these silly races! Rest up- you rock! Susanna