Saturday, June 06, 2009

ohhh rest days!!! T minus 15 days

a few rest days are killer, I rode the single speed to the pool and did a very leisurely 1000 meters and rode home. laid by the local pool here reading runners world and then BBQ some chicken breasts:

easy: marinate 1.5 pounds of chicken in........1/3 cup soy sauce and tbs. of lime juice, 3 tbs of olive oil, some thyme and salt and pepper......marinade for 1-5 hours...BBQ.

less hard workouts are easy to do but you always feel like you should go harder, in your mind you feel fitness seeping away but it is building and making the machine fresh and rested and ready. Thankfully I felt this last time and it worked out great.

2 hour road ride tomorrow....easy. followed but an easy run. MR. IPOD here I come, slow and steady and ready to eat the little fish.

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