Thursday, October 23, 2008

underwater ipod

I have had some questions about the underwater ipod case from h2oaudio

I really like it. I got this one as it is small and you place your ipod shuffle in it which I already owned one and they are small. it is nice as no arm band or waistband needed to interfere and once you are swimming you do not feel it on the back of your head. the key is to wear a swim cap and place the earphone under the swim cap to keep them there and pressed into your ear. I have found mixed results with podcasts with verbal discussion if ot placed in my ears perfectly whereas the music seems to work better as even beat with heavy bass etc easy to hear through water. I took out the shuffle this weekend to use on a bike ride and when I got to the pool today and realized I forgot to put my shuffle in there..i swam about 600 meters and BORED!!!! the tool keeps me swimming longer for sure. the cost is a little high for what you get but the alternatives are limited and more expensive. I give it a B+ and always swim with it now.

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