Thursday, October 30, 2008

T minus 6 days to the resuming of the KMA

That's right in 6 days we start up again with Kyle Will and I repare to cry and whine as he breaks me down before he builds me up. Kyle of course helped me get to the first Ironman and even gave me a free hat to wear on the run ( that was for Bruce). Kyle does a mix of endurance and core work and mixes in crossfit type activities but with a nod to the endurance triathlon. it will be my one hard ( I mean super hard) day of the week. I need to get this bus to Idaho moving. I ran last noght while Jennele was doing swimming and I think after 30 minutes of running i just felt done. I need to run and swim a bit longer than I have. especaly with Winter coming on although I will be doing a bunch of back country skiing i need to keep the sports sepcifics going. ohhhhhh the KMA!!!!

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