Thursday, October 09, 2008

Crusade race 1 under the belt

cross crusade race 1 at alpenrose was pretty sweet. here is a video. I ended up having a great race even though i started at the back of the pack of over 150 riders. used the first 2 laps to pass a ton of people which always feels good. lap three i was spent and rolled back into my second wind. I have more pics but trying to get them from a mac.

the highlights of the weekend were getting "glenned" and coming close to assualt 4 at the apple store, and then racing Captain America style. coming up this weekend will be race 2 in Wilsonville and looks to be a sunny warmer race which sucks cuz i like it rainy, cold and drizzly and muddy...oh well.

more pics when I get them...........also have been on the trainer twice this week due to colder temps...WAHHHHHHH!

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