Monday, October 20, 2008

earned my patch

three days of mountain biking some hard trails. everything was rideable but added all together it was hard. On Friday a 30 mile loop up top the top of two large peaks..lots of climbing and epic downhills. Saturday was the day. I started out with everyone at 7:30 am and did not get off my bike until 7:00 pm...and no there was no break in the middle there it was all ride time. a total of 80 miles of single track and 7200 feet of climbing. the basic route was around Mt. Bachelor and then Metolious Windago up to happy valley and then to farewell trail by Tumalo Falls and since I was going for the epic patch I had to do ( got to do) the bonus 13 mile loop up south fork and back via a ton of sweet single track. I made the epic loop time cutoff by half an hour. then back into the phils area hitting skyliners to storm king and down to phills trailhead to check in as the sun went down/ I then bike commuted back home another 3 miles. i was DONE!!!! toasted! but euphoric that I had done that day. not as hard as ironman but harder than a marathon. then on top of that the next morning back on the bike for another trip up to the summit of cachemountain and back for a medium ride ( only about 20 miles) up to the finish where about 20 of the 100 people completed the full epic and got the coveted " no whiners" patch. Roger got one and Steve came damn close but he had a great run. A great event and three days of epic riding that really tested me and that's what I like!!!! I was quoted in the newspaper after the event as liking to drink cold gin after a mega weekend of cycling...for once the newspaper got it right!


adam and melissa said...

awesome! nice job, cool pics.

Coletrane said...

What a stud! That sounds impossible, but yet you have accomplished it! Congrats on a job well done - these pics are great too! I am sure that you deserved some cold gin - damn, you deserve whatever you want after that! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Isn't your MTB the one that went to Xterra Nationals and Xterra World Championship??? Sweeeet Ride and better riding...atta boy drewpy.