Tuesday, October 14, 2008

great race

Well the cross crusade race #2 was great, a flatish mountain dirt style race that favored me as no big climbs and some technical riding. ended up 44th out of 160 people....not bad. and the magic number was 4 and I ended up #44 so I got free BEER!!! Sweet! Rob and Steph and Dan all killed it! it was a success all around. No race for me this weekend....why you ask? well because I am going to kill it for three huge days at the BIG FAT TOUR!!!!!! should be a blast and I will take lots of pics.

So each race I shaved a little bit more...this week we went either C. Everet Koop or James Hetfield....I like Mettalica more than the surgeon general but.....you know.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely more Koop than Hetfield. You've gotta get a little more length in there to go full on Metallica.

And rocking a tandem in cyclocross? I'm not sure if that is stupid or just bad-ass.

I'll be doing my first race this weekend! Just got some new knobby rubber!