Wednesday, March 23, 2011

train your weakness

I never really learned to swim until I was in my thirties. Yes I played in a pool growing up and had time in the family sailboat and got my lifesaving merit badge as a child in boy scouts. The problem was I never learned how to swim efficiently from one side of the pool to the other. I could cannonball or make my pants inflate into a life jacket but swim a straight 100 meters? nope. When I decided to to start doing triathlon in 2005 I hired a swim coach and had underwater video analysis which watching it recently is pretty funny. Now my 9 year old can tell me my swim mistakes using her swim team experience.

so here is a video Stephanie took of me this week so I will invite comments for constructive criticism form some key people I know and post their responses after they review it

Untitled from Drew Holmes on Vimeo.

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Texafornia said...

First off, the fact that you're doing flip turns makes me feel like I've snorted unicorn dust. YES!

Now, here's what I see:

1. Your lower half isn't in the video, so we can't tell if your legs are high enough. Gotta shoot and share it again.

2. You're swimming too stiffly, thinking about form too much. Relax and FLOW. (and speed it up)

3. You're looking down too far. Look a little more forward. All this "Total Immersion" stuff is, in Brett Sutton's words - "A bunch of shit." He's the world's best swimming and tri coach, so he knows what he's saying.

4. Reduce the amount you think about executing somebody else's idea of perfect form and focus on the most power delivery per amount of oxygen you can suck down. Swim at a faster clip and keep experimenting with the ratio of force to breathing until you nail it.

5. Send all your money to Coach Brett in Texas. ;) Thank you.