Friday, March 11, 2011

This week Food

So I started a new nutrition plan on December 27th last year and now a little over 60 days+ in I went from 183 pounds to 172. dropped about 4% in body fat. same workouts but better nutrition. The source of the nutrition idea started from reading The four hour body by internet guy Tim Ferris. The book was just ok, seemed like a bunch of stuff that I already knew or read elsewhere and he cut and pasted it into an interesting package but as a whole it was a book to get at the library not buy. Spent more time looking back into the Paleo diet and have been pretty strict with that for the last 60 days and Saturday is a free for all cheat day where I eat whatever I want. I suggest this book as the real book to read: Paleo Solution by Rob Wolfe. He also has a podcast.

so here was dinner last night in the photo and I will chart the week and catch up in 5 days for a review.

more to come, getting back in the groove for 2011

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