Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Seven

I have been working on a back issue and seems to be getting better.....with 16 days until the Beaver Freezer triathlon I sure hope things continue to improve. One aspect was I had a great workout with Caitlin yesterday and we did Lucky Seven and felt awesome.....Warm up on the bike and then do 1 minute bike and then do number 1 for 7 reps and then 1 minute on the bike and then do number 1 and then number 2 for 7 reps each time.....adding an exercise each round.....get it?

  1. pushups
  2. pullups
  3. scissor with OH weight
  4. tricep dips
  5. box jumps
  6. kettlebell heavy
  7. burpee with pushups
  8. squat with Overhead press ( 45 pound bar )
  9. bicycles
  10. heavy squat

Whole workout took 40 minutes.....try it out!

16 days.......

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