Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Xterra national championship

Mealanie McQuaids panties ( or swim cap)

getting hair cut for a good cause


Bruce getting the regional jersey for the Northwest at the "Night of Champions"

Spent 48 hours with a super roadtrip driving to Reno and Tahoe to accompany my Bud Bruce Rogers to Xterra Nationals. I did not race but was there for support. My support included drinking and gambling and taking pics. I do not really gamble because I have never won so I limit myself to $20 for pure entertainment value. We ended up playing roulette and I walked away with $150 for that $20 investment. YEEEEE HAAAA. We went up to Tahoe and drove through not much of it but still Bruce had to race the next day. It was cold and white.

That evening I accompanied Bruce to the race meeting and got to meet fellow triscooper Jdub
who was one of the original triscoopers ( #39.....I was #6) anyone in the first 100 is pretty rare.

After going to the "night of champions" dinner and watching Bruce get his regional jersey we went to bed early.

Race day was warmera nd I was in my t-shirt within first hour. While Bruce was racing I got a haircut for charity. They were giving free haircuts for donations to the Challenged athlete foundation.

They had a a few athletes in the race and watching a guy with one arm swim alomng side Bruce and keeping up with him was both comical and inspiring.

The funny thing in the race was when Melanie Mcquaid ( World champion) ran by after the swim and I said "Go Melanie!!!! Go get it!" and we locked eyes and she handed me her goggles and swimcap and a black thing that looked alot like a thong!!! I mean I have heard of rockstars getting underwear thrown at them but I just had the Xterra world champion hand me her underwear....a black thong at that!!!! ( upon later inspection I realized it was a warmer swim cap) oh well..........I later just set it next to her bike and we never met.......oh well unrealized love.

so back to the race.....Bruce and Dave both killed it and both met their goals racing really hard. Jdub came in right after Bruce. Jdub who is really fast and we expected him to be way ahead of Bruce due to his running speed and he came across the line and He was DONE!!!! I mean He was down on all fours and crawled to the medical tent. I felt really bad for him and it was clear he had spent all the matches in the book.

Now I get to drive 6 hours home....but the Xterra race stories kept me awake.

Now I am 4 days from the Portland Marathon.....Knee is so so....May be a Meniscus issue, We will see how I feel after a run this morning


moonpie said...

Awesome report Drew! Pro triathletes are the coolest. I think Melanie prolly thought you were hawt!

Cindy Jo said...

So, just how much hair did they actually cut???

Great photos. Who had more fun - you or the athletes?

I hope your knee heals up quickly. I know how much that sucks!!! But hey, at least you're up $130, right?

Al said...

Win at the roulette table, have a pro woman hand you their stuff...I wonder if you were being picked up and missed your opportunity post-race. ;)

Great pics!