Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ok so my knee got to the pint that I went for my last run before the marathon on Sunday and I was on a biz trip and could not even get three blocks from the hotel and it was hurting and I was clearly favoring my other leg. It hurt. I realized I need to check it out. I had tried rest, I had tried ice and Vitamin I ( Ibuprofen) now I will go see the doc. I was able to get into a specialist today and will see what he says. I had knee surgery on my left knee about 15 years ago after a skydiving accident ( night was dark...hit the ground wrong) but after that the knee on that side has been 100%.

So I will keep you all posted.

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jameson said...

sorry to hear about the knee man... atleast you got through you season!!

thanks for sharing the pic of me hurting... but I am bummed! I lost my killer NUUN visor!