Friday, October 12, 2007


Ok so off I went to the doc today and after reading a few magazines ( dirt rag and trail runner....its a cool doctor office) the doc pulled in a laptop and showed me the MRI....a tear. Well no surprise but at least it turned out to be a small one. He even said we could try and just take it easy for another 3-4 weeks and see how it goes. no running but swimming and cycling ok. so not down for the count. He said if not better in that time minor arthroscope procedure and should be skiing in January. So a mixed bag but really no surprises.

So I will bike like mad and ,maybe even get in the pool a few times ( have not been since Ironman almost 6 weeks ago. But something to mix it up. A few weeks until Bruce heads off to Hawaii for Xterra Worlds....pretty cool.


Scottie said...

Good news Drew. I'm glad to hear your recovery time will be a lot shorter. Now remember rest it means rest it! =)

Cindy Jo said...

Glad it isn't too serious! Now you have no excuse not to get back in the pool ;)

Running and riding in the fall is THE BEST!

Al said...

Good luck on the recovery