Friday, October 19, 2007

on the road again

Well its been a few weeks and I have been mountain biking almost everyday and no issues. zero running may have helped as the knee feels ok, so we will see what it feels like if I try and Telemark ski in a few weeks. we are slowly starting to get snow and i do not want to miss the ski season. follow up with doc is Nov 5th.

anybody want to hire me to work virtual out of my house in Bend? i am willing to travel during some times work sucks eh???? well I should say its not the job that sucks it the people at work that do not have a clue.

back to the grind...............( not on the knee though)


TRI-ROB said...

Drew! Can I hire you as my bitch? It doesn't pay anything nor does it offer any benefits other than the fact that you get to hold the title of, "Rob's Supreme Number One Bitch" or R-SNOB! What do ya think? The offer never expires... so get back to me when you can.


Anonymous said...

I made the jump to telecommute years ago, and I highly recommend it! It is great to plan my work around my workouts.

home therapy

Anonymous said...

Hot Pockets!!!