Sunday, October 29, 2006

back to Portland

ok week for workouts but still do not have my super training plan in place I will work on that during me next roadtrip to Portland today. Taking my bike to get a few spins in. too bad the hotel has a pool that would be impossible to do laps in :( , Ran about 8 miles yesterday to go pick up a rental car for work. started out and it was 36 degrees but warmed up fast. then did about 800 meters in the 50m pool. I sure have not swum enough, felt tired. Need to get back into my mid day swim routine. So off to Portland and another hotel. At least it is a nice hotel and internet not a problem. I feel for my buddy jetpack having to do it every other week for a solid week ( he is a pilot. Of course with my skydiving background I seem to get along well with pilots. here is his website:

So got some new winter gloves and jacket from Craft for commuting to work all winter. The colder the better. This time I will not forget my charger for my cell phone and take some pics on the trip.

so this is part two, i ran in the hotel gym on the treadmill since it was dark last night and I forgot part of my light system ( Jetpack how do you do it?????? Hotel gyms are a joke!!!)

so tonight plan on a brick long bike/run, brough the cyclocross bike and will get in a few hours tonight after work,

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