Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter adventures begin

25 degrees out and the adventure continues. Riding by bike 6 miles is not that bog a deal but riding to work with all your work crap and its 5:30 in the morning and its 25 degrees out can be a challenge at times. I made the big changeover to studded tires this morning and the traction on those things are the best. I am on season three with them ( Nokian W106 studded cyclocross tire) ands they still have a ton of tread. I am using a niterider headlamp as well as my bar end led lights and a flasher ob my messenger bag…but of course I still ride like I am a ghost because I assume they do not see me. In Oregon we have had a rash of cyclists get killed in the last few months so I am extra super aware.

so be careful but I will keep riding my bike to work for health and sanity in the workday.


TRI-ROB said...

You're INSANE bro! I think that's why we like you so much! Be careful out there!

Jameson said...

Damn, riding in the snow is one thing, but I wouldn't trust myself in snow like that. Those studded tires must really do the trick.

Stay safe out there man! There are a ton of things worse than being a fat polluting car commuter.

The Scott Family said...

Ahhhh ... I remember those days riding to work in the snow in the UK ... not gonna happen here in New Zealand :) Ride safely! :)

T-Guy J said...

I think the cold might be getting to your brain. Riding in that muck and cold is not normal (or fun).

Cheers...and should we pencil you in for an IM next year?

T-Guy J

Al said...

That's hardcore commuting...WTG!!!

Chaser Bren said...

I thought that was a photo of you riding out there at first!
Be careful on those roads man!