Saturday, November 24, 2007

Punk rock and single speed

Well the knee has been doing great ( since I have not run on it i two months) I guess the real test will be in the spring when I start running again, But lost of biking and other sports have not seem to bother it so we may be ok.

So I have been riding a bout every other day and lifting some weghts but no real structure. I plan in ramping up structure likely about late spring. My tentative goals right now are having lots of fun during the year and then race for the shear joy of it and then ramp into the cyclocorss season at the end of 2008 ( )

With the super ramp up time to 2009 Ironman in Idaho which is in mid 2009.

I had a great Thanksgiving and Rob and I got up and rode at 7:30 in the morning and it was about 22 degrees out and very cold, i guess tat was redunant. great spin on the single speeds and I broke a chain cranking up a short hill. So I ask ROb what he would do if this was survovorman television ( since I had a space blanket and a fire starter and some extra food) and he said he would just fix the chain and pulled out a SRAM add a link kit and had a fixed in about 5 minutes....I mean sure you could go that way if you wanted to I guess.......

Been playing me electric and acoustic guitar a lot and my friend who is teaching me some songs and techniques is in a Punk rock band Hands On Throat and it rocks. It is the same loud music I rocked out with in High school and not sure how my parents put up with that and my drum set but they did. The show was great...loud and tons of energetic kids. I got right up front and we rocked out. What a great show. I tried to record some with my Mp3 recorder but in the darkness I failed to push the right button.

so the plan for the rest of the winter before skiing??? Punk Rock and Single speed!!!!

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