Sunday, July 05, 2009

2 weeks post Ironman

I must say this has been the best post Ironman ever. i took the day after the race for lots of beer and rest. then the next day we drove home and when i got home I had more beer. Day three I went for a 90 minute easy spin with Bruce and felt pretty decent. By the weekend I was A+ and went on a full day mountain biking excursion on the McKenzie river trail. I just could not believe that in 1 week I was back 100%. Since Ironman in the first 14 days I have been on two mountain biking excursions, hit the gym for two hard weight training sessions at Kyles studio and feel 100%. I think the added weight training at intensity really helped. so plans now???

Well I sold my TT bike as I will likely hold off on longer triathlons for a few years ( though I will be back to Ironman in a few years. right now working on overall fitness and trying to get into a variety of stuff. Cyclocross is around the corner and rock climbing this fall will be nice. paddling some...ohhhhhh fun!!! Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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