Monday, September 17, 2007

Finisher photo

Well here is a link to the photo I just ordered. nice shot eh? so recpertared for two weeks eating jelly bellys and drinking lost of beer. now thats over and back to working out. Got the opprotunity to run in a marathon in a few weeks so we will see how that fitness carries over.

plans are now to get fit for Backcountry ski season, then next year beaver freezer triathlon and the Pacific crest half and likely a self supported ironman here in Bend just for fun. then the next official ironman will be in Idaho in 2009.

so I will likely take a break from blogging for awhile and catch up next season.

see ya all over at triscoop and (


jameson said...

no way dude... keep blogging. many people should learn from your approach and attitude.

killer photo!

see ya in tahoe!

TRI-ROB said...

Drew! You can't just drop your fans like that! Lots of people get confused about what they are supposed to do during the off season... and they might look to you for a little mentorship through your blog... just something to think about!

I'm IN for the self-supported ironman in '08 if you want some company!

That's an AWESOME pic by the way!

Brian said...

We gotta hook up at the freezer next year!.. and I am considering the Pac crest half too.

congrats again on a great season.